Our goal for breeding Jersey cows is simple.  Breed large framed, good uddered, high producing cows that walk on good feet and legs for many lactations.

That’s the goal, but we certainly haven’t achieved it yet. 

We are currently working with approximately 13 high profile imported cow families from USA and NZ.  Complimenting the imports are some of Australia’s most recognized families, such as: Arkona, Fernleaf, Love Lies, Marie, Bouquet and Gem Noella.  These genetics have been accumulated as we are firm believers that deep pedigreed families breed true.  Our deepest pedigree, a potential 12th generation VHC yearling,  comes via the purchase of embryos from Noel Furze’s Sandy family which originates via Rye Valley from Ferdon, NZ.  Within the milking cows we have a line of Belle & Jo who both complete 7 generations VHC/EX.

The Babe family has, without question, had a positive and substantial impact on shaping Kaarmona for who we are today.  This family now makes up over 40% of the milking herd, continues to have sons enter progeny testing program, continues to perform well in the show ring, but most importantly, the Babe family consistently finish in the top production cows within their age groups.  In fact, last year, 2009, Kaarmona Astound Babe (ET), SUP92  (a direct daughter of BIE BB Babe) finished with 10,593L 5.16%F 547KgF 3.78%P 400KgP 305Days    133PI. That's a massive 947KgMS in 305 Days from a Jersey cow, all done while walking with the herd every day.
We undergo a number of flushes each year, so if there are any genetics that interest you, feel free to contact us to see if we can meet your needs.

Some of our cow families are listed below, and you can take a detailed look into each family just by clicking on the thumbnail of each cow family.


Kaarmona Flowerpower Althea

Althea Family

Kaarmona Parade Babe 2

Babe Family

Ecallaw Javas Belle

Belle Family

Topshelf B Charo

Charo Family

Brookbora Love Lies 280

Love Lies Family

Kaarmona Lemvig Marie

Marie Family


Nowell Power Sandy

Sandra Family