Our goal for breeding Holstein cows is a little different to Jerseys.  We are aiming to breed moderate sized Holstein cows with good rumps, feet & legs with good udders that have higher than average components.

This goal will hopefully lead to a good sized cow producing more KgMS with improved fertility.

We are currently working with some of Australia’s highest profile cow families, such as, Carly, Jackie, Noni, Sash & Satin.  Without a doubt investing in Barkly Donor Carly (ET), Ex91 has made a dramatic impact on Kaarmona Holsteins.  She has been an unbelievable flush cow with extroadinary components and has been able to pass these on to her progeny. Since purchasing Donor Carly in 2001, her descendants now comprise almost 20% of the milking herd.

We undergo a number of flushes each year, so if there are any genetics that interest you, feel free to contact us to see if we can meet your needs.

Some of our cow families are listed below, and you can take a detailed look into each family just by clicking on the thumbnail of each cow family.

Barkly Donor Carly

Carly Family

Kirk Andrews Donor Jackie

Jackie Family

Page House Shottle Noni

Noni Family