Genomics is certainly gathering pace here at Kaarmona.  For the past few years we have been successfully entering bulls into Genetics Australia's progeny test programmes based on Genomic Evaluations.  However, in mid 2009 we were approached by Semex to test a select group of prospective bull mothers. Since then we have "grabbed the ball & continued to run with it".  Of course the high profile animal targeted was Page House Shoman Noni (see Noni Cow Family) & her Genomic results didn't disappoint us, ranking her amongst the elite animals tested in the October 2009 run.  She was infact the highest daughter of O-Man in that genomic release from USDA, ranking a staggering #46 out of approximately 1225 animals listed for that month.  These Genomic samples were submitted from all around the world.  Shoman Noni has clearly raised the bar for the Noni family.

At the same time we elected to test Kaarmona Shottle Carly ourselves.  Check out her great genomic result, which in Canada showed she out-ranked on GLPI the much admired & talked about Page House Shottle Noni.  This gave us a great injection of enthusiasm & we quickly set out to test her 2 Planet & 1 Goldwyn daughters.  Well, the results speak for themselves.  We clearly have an exciting time ahead of us with this particular line of the Carly's.

The results of Kaarmona O-Man Carly didn't return until December 2009, but we had an incling that she would be good, as her son Kaarmona Calais had previously been tested & was creating quite a buzz.  O-Man Carly has, as expected a great Genomic result.   With a number of daughters to calve in 2010, a number of pregnancies by such sires as Orana, Tennyson & Million, & then multiple pregnancies from her daughters, keep a watch out for this fast moving line of the Carly's.

In regards to Jerseys, we have a number of bulls to enter Genetic Australia's progeny testing programmes again this year.  However, this is the 1st year that GA has used Genomic evaluations for their Jersey team.  Hence, with a number of bulls successfully entering GA, we will begin Genomically testing the dams & siblings of these bulls, along with other high profile cows housed at Kaarmona


A full summary of Kaarmona's Genomic Evaluations is available in PDF format - click here to download