Everything is for sale ... that's our motto. If we have something that interests you, simply make us an offer. It's that easy !!  

Currently  we have a number of bulls for sale.  We have provided you with a list of those available & we can supply a full 3 generation performance pedigree upon request. A full summary of Kaarmona's current sire availability is online in PDF format - click here to download

There are always flush programmes going on, so no doubt there is always an embryo inventory.  We can supply a full 3 generation performance pedigree upon request. A full summary of Kaarmona's Embryo inventory is available in PDF format - click here to download


We couldn't offer a better advertisement for our business. Sired by our latest graduate, who ranks #17 and is one of the best frame builders in the business, scored max for age as a 2yo and out of our most noted show cow family. This young cow was shown last year at IDW, standing approximately 12th out of a field of 25. That speaks volumes when you consider she was the only daughter of a PT sire in the class. Our 6 Jurace daughters had the highest PI average of any 2yo sire group last season. They really know how to work. She has a magnificent udder with impeccable teat placement and can be shown with confidence. She is a cow that is extremely hard to part with, but she is all quality and we know whe will do her new owners proud.


Kaarmona Jurace Arkona 2 Ex 91 (3YO)

Kaarmona Jurace Arkona 2, Ex91 (3yo)
DOB: 03/09/06
23m    6204L    287KgF    4.63%F    229KgP    3.69%P    305Days    95PI
Please Note: all 2yos ave PI was 90 last year
36m    3002L    132KgF    4.40%F     98KgP    3.26%P    104Days     97PI
Last Test   28.3L  1.15Kg  0.94Kg  59SCC  
Bred to Larfalot 

Kaarmona Jurace Arkona 2, Ex91 (3yo) 3/4 rear

Sire:  Kaarmona Jurace
Our Latest Graduate

Jace x Kaarmona Parade Babe (ET),  SUP92
Ranks 17th on available sire list (Aug 09)


Dam: Kaarmona Astound Arkona 3, 84pts @ 2yo

2nd Dam: Kaarmona Lester Arkona 2 (ET), HC+87
                   One of 4 ET sister of which 1 remains in herd @ 12 years of age   


3rd Dam: Kaarmona Quicksilvers Arkona, VHC90 Ex
Exhibited at IDW

5th  Dam: Kaarmona Royal Arkona, SUP
Champion Cow Shepparton National, Vic Autumn Fair, Res Champ Melb


6th Dam: Ingalala Ensigns Arkona, VHC
World Conference Champion Cow 1976