Burnleigh Million Sash (ET)
Born Jan 2010
An early Million with numbers to burn!

Kaarmona PR O'Man Sash (ET)
Born August 2009
Talk about sire stack: O-Man x Donante x Informer x Goldbullion x Donor x Shotime

Both above owned with Burnleigh Holsteins, Qld

Dam: Willows Donante Sash (ET)
(Sire: Donante)
Owned with Burnleigh Holsteins, Qld
Due to Orana March 2010
Full sister to SOMERLED, highly ranked Genomic bull at GA
She has 2 O-man sons available
Million pregnancies due Jan 2010
Morningview Legend pregnancies due April 2010

2nd Dam: Willows Informer Sash, NYC
(Sire: Informer)


3rd Dam: Kindara Gold Bullion Sash, VG 86
(Sire: Gold Bullion)


4th Dam: Kindara Donor Sacha (ET), VG 87
(Sire: Donor)

5th Dam: Kindara Shotime Sonia, Ex4E
(Sire: Shotime)