Kaarmona Spiritual Sandy (ET)
(Sire: Riverside Spirit)
She is an absolute cracker !!
Her full brother, SOVANN, has been Genomically tested & going to Genetics Australia.
Maternal brothers by Parade, Valerian, Rebel & Blackstone all in AI progeny testing.


Nowell Power Sandy Sup 92

Dam: Nowell Power Sandy (ET), SUP92 A2/A2
(Sire: Claydon Park Flower Power)
47m    7288L    4.8%F    353KgF    4.1%P    296KgP    305Days    154PI
11th Generation VHC
In fact, she is 17 out of 18 generations VHC or better
“An incredible cow from a strong maternal line.”
1st prize 4yo & Overall Champion NEJCC OFC 2007
Her full brother, HIPFLASK, is at Genetics Australia
Another full brother, POWERPACK, is at Agri-Gene
Her Abe son, SANTANA, is at Alta Genetics
Her Parade & Valerian sons being tested through Huon AB
Her Rebel & Blackstone sons being tested in 2010


2nd Dam: Nowell Taranak Sandra (ET), VHC90
(Sire: Royals Green Elmo)
59m    7726L    4.4%F    337KgF    3.6%P    275KgP    305Days    105PI
Dam of TAILBOARD at Genetics Australia


Rye Valley Admiral Sandra

3rd Dam: Rye Valley Admiral Sandra 2, SUP92
(Sire: Judds Admiral)
8 Lact ave    6433L    5.5%F    351KgF    4.2%P    270KgP   


4th Dam: Rye Valley Herm Sandra 3, VHC90
(Sire: Rebob Duncan Hermitage)


5th Dam: Rye Valley JS Sandra, VHC
(Sire: JS Quicksilver Royal)


6th Dam: Rye Valley Jingo’s Sandra 5, VHC


7th Dam: Ferdon Vins Sandra, VHC
Champion Cow Melbourne Royal


8th Dam: Ferdon Harvest Sandra, VHC


9th Dam: Ferdon Glens Samantha, VHC


10th Dam: Tarnhowe Merry Samantha, VHC


11th Dam: Tarnhowe Blue Sylvia, VHC