Kaarmona Jace Marie (ET), Ex90
29m       7289L     4.86%F    354KgF    3.53%P    257KgP    297Days     104PI
3rd generation VHC/Ex
Bred to Action
Full sister at Brookbora Jerseys whose Parade son went to GA


Kaarmona Lemvig Marie, Sup 92

Dam: Kaarmona Lemvig Marie, SUP92
(Sire: DNK Fyn Lemvig)
4 Lact ave    6662L    5.49%F    367KgF    3.86%P    257KgP    305Days    102PI
3rd Prize 5yo GMJBC OFC 2007
3rd Prize 6yo in-milk IDW 2008
Her Megastar son (MARVIG) is at Alta Genetics
Her Brookbi son (BOSMARSTAR) is at BOS Trading

Her other daughters:

Kaarmona Taranak Marie 2, VG88
Bred to Galaxies Celebrity
She has a VALERIAN daughter

Kaarmona Brookbi Marie 2 (ET), VG 86 (2yo)
Bred to NAVARA

Kaarmona Futurity Marie (ET), VG 86 (2yo)
Bred to GANNON


Brunetta Brook Marie, Sup 92

2nd Dam: Brunetta Brook Marie, SUP92
(Sire: Molly Brook Brass Major)
6 Lact ave    6376L    5.18%F    330KgF    3.77%P    240KgP    293Days    106PI
1st Prize 4yo in-milk IDW 1999
1st Prize 5yo in-milk & 1st Best udder of class IDW 2000
Honourable Mention Champion Cow IDW 2000
6th Prize 6yo in-milk IDW 2002 (fresh 10 days)
3rd Prize 7yo & over in-milk IDW 2004 (to Champion & Reserve cow)
2nd Best Udder of Class IDW 2004
1st Prize 7yo & over in-milk IDW 2006
1st Best udder of class IDW 2006


Her other daughters:

Kaarmona Country Marie, VHC 90
Bred to ACELIN
She has a FUTURITY daughter scored VG87 as a 2yo
She has a fancy fancy BW PARADE daughter to calve Spring 2010

Kaarmona Jace Marie 3, VG88
She has a smart SPIRITUAL daughter

Kaarmona Avery Marie (ET), VG 86 (2yo)