Kaarmona Goldclass Jackie 3

(Sire: Goldclass)
DOB 25/7/08
Flushed to Man-O-Man

Dam: Kaarmona Colin Jackie
(ET)(TV) GP83

(Sire: AltaColin)
DOB 26/3/06
30M 8622L 4.67% 403KgF 3.6% 310KgP
305 Days PI 100
She has an O-Man Daughter
Flushed to Man-O-Man

Kaarmona Goldclass Jackie 4

(Sire: Goldclass)
DOB 18/8/08

 Dam: Kaarmona Colin Jackie 2
(ET) (TV), GP 83

(Sire: AltaColin)
DOB 28/3/06
29M 9329L 3.79% 354KgF 3.39% 316KgP
305 Days PI 96
Pregnancies due by Orana
Her Planet son going to ABS


Both lines of the family go back to the only full sister to

2nd Dam: Kirk Andrews Ladino Jackie (ET), VG86
(Sire: HOLadino)
3 Lact ave:    11024L    3.61%F    401kgF    3.31%P    308KgP   305Days    115PI
Due to Orana May 2010
MILLION pregnancies due March 2010
O-Man pregnancies due March 2010
Orana pregnancies due April 2010
The only full sister to WISEPOINT & JACKAROO in Australia !


Kirk Andrews Donor Jackie, VG89 5SBC

3rd Dam: Kirk Andrews Donor Jackie, VG89 5SBC
(Sire: Donor)
Dam of:  
Jackaroo @ ABS

Wisepoint, Playfair & Solvit @ Genetics Australia


4th Dam: Ourway Grand Jackie 4 (ET), VG87
(Sire: HO202 – A Mark CJ Gilbrook Grand)


Elite Leadman Jackie, Ex3E

5th Dam: Elite Leadman Jackie, Ex3E
(Sire: Leadman)