Both lines of the family go back to the famous Duncan Belle, Ex 95

Kaarmona Jace Belle (ET) VHC 91

Kaarmona Jace Belle (ET), VHC 91

59m 7782 L 5.8% 451 kgF 4.16% 324 kgP 277 Days cont 120 PI
7th Generation VHC/Ex
Her Blackstone son under consideration by Semex Canada
She has 2 very smart BW Parade daughters to calve Spring 2010
Action pregnancy due March 2010
Full sister to Bellini



Ecallaw Javas Belle VHC 90

Dam: Ecallaw Javas Belle, VHC 90

(Sire: Barber)


2nd Dam: Giprat Belles Java, Ex93

(Sire: Valleystream JIS Juno 25R)
Full sister to Belles Jade



Kaarmona Dale Belle 5 (Imp ET)

(Sire: Oomsdale Jace Gratitude Garden )
Possibly the only “DALE” born in Australia
Her full brothers are available


 Dam: Bethany Iatola of Hillpoint, VG85 (2yo)

(Sire: Iatola)
Watch for her on the January LPI cow lists


Lencrest Parading Belle VG88

2nd Dam: Lencrest Parading Belle, VG88
(Sire: BW Parade)
Full sister to Lencrest Blackstone
Maternal sister to Lencrest On Time



Piedmont Declo Belle Ex 94

3rd Dam: Piedmont Declo Belle, Ex94
(Sire: Barbs MBSB Declo)


4th Dam: Rock Ella Brook Belle, Ex90
(Sire: Molly Brook Brass Major)

Duncan Belle, Ex 95

Next Dam: Duncan Belle, Ex95
(Sire: Highland Magic Duncan)


Dam: MMC Belle, Ex90
(Sire: Master Milestone C)


Dam: Deni Belle, Ex92 3E
(Sire: Regli Premier Deni)


Dam: Chocolate Belle, Ex90
(Sire: Observer Chocolate Soldier)