Kaarmona Flowerpower althea (ET), Sup 92

Kaarmona Flowerpower Althea (ET), SUP92
40m 9407L 3.99% 375KgF 3.56% 335KgP 305 Days 117 PI
Highest ever jersey 3 yo for milk at Kaarmona
She has Jacinto calves born at Hillpoint Jerseys, USA
Her 2 Futurity daughters are now milking
Her Valerian daughter PTIC to Navara is due March 2010
7th Prize Snr 2yo in-milk IDW 2006 (milking 8 months)
4th Prize 3yo in-milk GMJBC OFC 2006
4th Prize Snr 3yo in-milk IDW 2007
Her AltaWhisky son (SNOWPATROL) is at ABS Australia
Her Valerian son (ACELIN) is at Genetics Australia
Her Jacinto son (AIMERY) is at ABS Australia


Dam: Riverside Stars Adrienne 830 (ET), VHC90
(Sire: BIE Bistar)


2nd Dam: Riverside Storm Adrienne 601 (ET), HC+88
(Sire: Midnight Storm)


3rd Dam: Comfort Pal Adrienne, Ex90
(Sire: Palmer Fascinator George)
Full sister to Adonis


4th Dam: Greenridge Chief Althea, Ex92
(Sire: Yankee FW Chief)
Dam of 57 progeny – 37 daughters & 20 sons including:
Dunker, Alf, Adonis, Select, Aerostar, Altheas Lad, Pitino, Al-Top, Ace
This cow has had an amazing impact on the breed

5th Dam: Greenridge Silver Alison, Ex90
(Sire: SS Quicksilver of Fallneva)