We classify both Jerseys & Holsteins on a regular basis, usually twice a year for both breeds.  We submit every 2yo that is milking at the time to ensure that all daughters go into the sires proof.  We also re-submit cows that we think are worth more points than they currently hold or cows that are "in-form".   We take the attitude that if you wait to score the cow next year, she could be sick or even worse, she could be dead.  Cause you know when you are working with cows its always the good ones that die on you.

Some Highlights of our herd:



Barkley Donor Carly

Barkly Donor Carly (ET), Ex91
7 out of 8 generations VG/Ex

Kaarmona Emerson O'Rain

Kaarmona Emerson O'Rain (ET), Ex91 2E
11th Gen VG/Ex

Kaarmona Bullbar Carly 4

Kaarmona Bullbar Carly 4 (ET), VG85 (2yo)

Kaarmona Bull Bar Carly 2

Kaarmona Bull Carly 2 (ET), VG85 (2yo)

Kaarmona Toystory Carly (ET), GP84
(1st Class)


Barkly Laudan Carlie (ET)(TV), VG88
7 out of 8 Gen VG/Ex
Maternal sister to Barkly Donor Carly & AltaColin


Kaarmona Donor Noelle, VG89


Leader Duplex Satin, VG85 (2yo)
6th Gen VG/EX - 3 direct dams all Ex


Kaarmona Lou Carly 3, VG85 (1st Class)

Kaarmona Blitz O'Rain (ET), VG88
13th Gen VG/Ex


Kaarmona O-Man Carly, VG86
9 out of 10 Gen VG/Ex


Kirk Andrews Ladino Jackie (ET), VG86
Jackaroo & Wisepoint's only full sister


Kaarmona Donor Julie 3, VG89


Kaarmona Ladino O'Rain, VG85
12th Gen VG/Ex


Barkly Laudan Laudan Christiann (ET)(TV), VG87
7 out of 8 Gen VG/Ex
Maternal sister to Barkly Donor Carly & AltaColin


We currently have 140 jersey cows having entered the milking herd.  The whole 140 cows, which includes 45 heifers still on their 1st lactation, averages an outstanding 87.59pts.  Of the remaining 95 jerseys that are on their 2nd calf or better, which are therefore eligible to go above 88pts, we have a staggering 48 cows scored 90pts or better to average 88.66pts.  Quite amazing, 48 90pts or better cows out of 95, thats a whopping 50.53%.

Another statistic that we are extremely proud of, considering our scale, is the fact that our Jersey herd contains:

    - 34 females that are either backed by, or are directly themselves, 3  generation VHC/Ex.  Included in this are a couple strings up to 7 direct generations VHC/Ex;

    - a further 30 females that are potentially 3 generations VHC/Ex.  That is, they currently have their 2 closest dams VHC/Ex & they may make 3rd generation VHC/Ex as they mature.

Highlights include:

SUP 93

Kaarmona Lester Babe 2 (ET)
Honourable Mention Champion Cow IDW 2005


Kaarmona Berretta Caprice


Kaarmona Parade Babe 2



SUP 92

Kaarmona Astound Babe (ET)


Kaarmona Parade Babe (ET)
  3rd Gen VHC ave 92pts


Kaarmona Flowerpower Althea (ET)
4 out of 5 Gen VHC/Ex


Kaarmona Du-Bie Fantasy 2, GR2


Kaarmona Parade Babe 3


Kaarmona Astound Babe 8



Ex 91

Ingalala Jace Winsome


Kaarmona Lester Hattie (ET)


Kaarmona Astound Handsome 2
3 out of 4 Gen VHC


Kaarmona Flowerpower Glenfern
5th Gen VHC


Kaarmona Jace Belle
7th Gen VHC/Ex


Kaarmona Megastar Caprice
3rd Gen VHC


                Kaarmona Jurace Arkona (3yo)



2yo Highlight this year

4 BW Legion dtrs scored VG87, VG87, VG87 & VG86. - he is a "cookie cutter".  Our 1 only mature Legion daughter scored Ex90 this year as well. Can't wait for the rest to enter the herd.

VHC 90

Rolma KG Noella 168
6th Gen VHC


Isycoed Charo Tara Dame
5 out of 6 Gen VHC/Ex


Brookbora Love Lies 534 (3yo)
5th Gen VHC


Kaarmona Lemvig Glenfern
4th Gen VHC


Kaarmona Biestar Nellie (ET)
4 out of 5 Gen VHC


Kaarmona Paramount Heidi
3rd Gen VHC


Kaarmona Paramount Babe
3rd Gen VHC


Kaarmona Bomber Babe
3rd Gen VHC


Kaarmona Flowerpower Babe 4
6 out of 8 Gen VHC/Ex

Kaarmona Valerian Tessie


Kaarmona Jace Arkona 2


Kaarmona Country Marie


Kaarmona Megastar Jo
7th Gen VHC/Ex


Kaarmona Jace Marie (ET)
3rd Gen VHC


Kaarmona Saber Babe 3 (ET)
3rd Gen VHC



VG 88 (max 2yo)

First Choice SA Fernleaf
Potential 4th Gen VHC


Kaarmona Futurity Jo


Kaarmona Brookbi Benita


Kaarmona Jace Babe 6
Potentially 6 out of 8 Gen VHC/Ex